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IELTS Exam Complete Guidelines for Study Abroad | British Opportunities

IELTS Exam Complete Guidelines for Study Abroad | British Opportunities:

To get Study abroad opportunities IELTS Exam is necessary for most European countries and also the English language states.  So here we explain IELTS Exam Complete Guidelines for Study and chances to get Fully Funded Scholarships to continue Undergraduate programs, Master Degrees, or Doctoral Programs in the world’s best universities or work abroad. So if you want to prepare for IELTS in the future and then do not need to worry. Here you can get all the opportunities for preparation or material in the next days. So ready to prepare for the IELTS and explore the latest scholarships and works chances in different countries.

IELTS Exam Introduction:

IELTS known as the English Language Testing Service was inaugurated by Cambridge English Language Assessment & British Council in 1980. With its novel format, it shows changes in the learning & teaching of languages including growth in English communication & language. Test tasks reflect the English language.

Two non-specialized modules (listening & speaking) & two specialized modules (reading & writing) started ILETS in 1989. Test numbers rise approximately 15% per year. A few years of different revisions took for this test. Further revisions took in 2001 & then in 2005.


IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training are planned to cover all the abilities from non-user to expert users. In English-speaking countries or search for professional registrations, the Academic version is for test takers who want to study at the tertiary level. Those who work, train, and study & also try to migrate to English-speaking countries and take the versions of The General Training test.

The difference between these two versions is content, context, the purpose of tasks & other features like time allocation, length of written responses, report of scores, etc. Following are the different features of IELTS Academic & General Training of both

  • The IELTS test gives the ability to listen, read, write & speak in English.
  • The key component of IELTS is speaking & conducted by the examiner in a one-to-one interview.
  • In test material, varieties of accents & writing, styles exist.
  • All over the world different writers & experts develop this IELTS test & give their input & different teams from English-speaking nations.
  • Band scores develop for each sub-skills of language & the Band Scale ranges from 0-9.

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Parts of the IELTS Exam:


It takes 40 Questions in 40 minutes, approximately 30 minutes & 10 transfer minutes. Give 10 minutes to transfer their answers to answer sheets at the end.


It takes 40 Questions in 60 minutes, variety of questions given to test takers should be careful when writing their answers because they lose marks for incorrect spelling & grammar.


It takes 2 tasks in 60 minutes, IELTS exam Academic & IELTS General Training these tasks must be completed and related to the topic & also written in full sentences.


It takes 3 parts in 11-14 minutes; it contains 3 sections of face-to-face interviews between the test-taker & the examiner.


From each test component, test-takers receive their scores.

Band Scale

There is the concept of no-fail no pass, a test scored on a band scale that ranges from 0-9. Generally, scores lie near the half-band.

Conversion Table

Use a conversion table to convert raw scores into band scores. This helps test takers realize correct answers to achieve a particular band score.

Results of IELTS Exam

After 3-5 days computer-delivered test is announced & the paper-based result announces in 13 days. It shows

  • Overall Band Score
  • For each section make a band score
  • IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training Completion
  • Photo, nationality, language, and date of birth of test-takers.

Copy of the test report form can be received by test takers.

Location & Test dates of IELTS Exam

Test held in 140 countries more than 1,600 locations & per year up to 48 test dates available. According to local demands, the test center offers tests 4 times a month. In the current situation, there is no limit to apply for retaking a test.

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Benefits of IELTS Exam

Objective Assessment

If you are good at speaking English your friends may admire this thing & you win many quizzes at school levels. You don’t know about your speaking level when taking the IELTS test it measures your global IELTS standards.


After this test, you receive a report that is accepted by thousands of institutes all over the world & different agencies, etc.

Improve the English Language

If you want to do well you tested in all four skills (reading, writing, speaking & listening).

Knowledge about English

After this test, you recognized the required knowledge of English that’s necessary for undergraduate & postgraduate programs.

Motivate to study harder for IELTS Exam:

If your aims & objectives are not clear you do nothing in your life. IELTS test motivates you to study hard and also improve your English.

  • Got good band scores to have a chance for students to get admission to top universities and colleges.
  • Test facilitates professional registrations.
  • Most students want to go abroad and a handsome salary. IELTS allows you to make your future brighter with handsome salaries in foreign countries.
  • IELTS changes your own life not only in other countries but also in your own country with excellent communication skills.
  • Those who migrate to other countries can enjoy more benefits due to IELTS.
  • Your communication skills are much better due to this test.
  • Significantly, this gives you the chance to become more talented in English.
  • You built & improve different areas by using the English language at a professional level
  • You want to enjoy the culture & got entertainment all over the world & a good factor is that you know about the knowledge of English in this IELTS also help you.
  • From government agencies, you easily got visa approval due to the IELTS test & you present the test certification also accepted globally.

Some of these benefits give you more advantages by taking this exam. There are many changes in yourself & you also noticed these changes by you. Significantly this gives you a brighter & successful future.

In short, you take this test for your brighter future & job opportunities, do practices & feel yourself better.  W. Clement Stone says

         “Ambitious for the Moon. If you lose, you may punch a star”.

Learn all the things about IELTS Exam, what does the examiner want? Then get an excellent band score, practice more, achieve higher levels also challenge yourself to achieve your dreams. Don’t worry about anything, make yourself stronger. Work on your dreams with patience. Motivate yourself daily & paste your dreams on your room’s wall & remember on a daily basis.

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